About Dr. Kini

Dr. Kini

About Dr. Kini

Dr Kini has 24 years of experience using Radiation Therapy to treat cancer. His training and research have focused on both common and uncommon varieties of malignancies. He is board-certified in radiation oncology and graduated medical school from Seth G.S. Medical College in 1993. He completed his residency at William Beaumont Hospital in Royal Oak, Michigan.

Dr. Kini has hospital privileges at the Anaheim Regional Medical Center, Fountain Valley Regional Hospital, Placentia Linda Hospital and the Orange Coast Memorial Medical Center.

Clinic & Therapy Center: Tustin

Languages: English, Hindi, Marathi

Dr. Kini’s Credentials

Board-Certified: Radiation Oncology, American Board of Radiology

Residency: (Chief Resident) Radiation Oncology, William Beaumont Hospital, Royal Oak, MI

Internship: Internal Medicine, St. Louis University Health Sciences Center, St. Louis, MO

MBBS/MD: Seth G. S. Medical College, Bombay, India

Member: American Society of Therapeutic Radiology and Oncology (ASTRO)

Licensed: California, Florida and Texas

Languages: English, Hindi, Marathi

Online Reviews & Ratings

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How We Work With Your Other Doctors

To facilitate outstanding patient care and ensure the best possible results, Dr. Kini works closely with referring physicians throughout your radiation therapy process. After your first consultation, Dr. Kini will make a direct phone call to your referring physician to coordinate your care and discuss treatment options, strategies and anything else that can improve the quality and results of your radiation therapy. Once you begin treatment, Dr. Kini continues communicating with your referring physician to ensure the most comprehensive cancer treatment.

Involvement With Tumor Boards

A tumor board brings together several doctors who are experts in different medical specialties to review and discuss each patient’s medical condition and treatment options. Dr. Kini regularly participates in tumor boards to give our patients the most suitable treatment plans and all the benefits from the shared experience and knowledge of multiple cancer experts.

Your Electronic Medical Records

Because Dr. Kini is affiliated with multiple hospitals and medical groups throughout the Orange County area, we often have immediate access to electronic medical records and imaging studies for our patients. Not only does this save time, it also significantly adds to the overall quality of your care.

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"I just wanted to thank everyone for their kind treatment. Everyone made me feel comfortable at all times. Each and every person I interacted with was so very nice. What a team!! When I'm enjoying another holiday season with my family, I'll be thinking of all angels that made it possible!"
- Joyce C.

Dr. Vijay Kini specializes in the treatment of cancer using radiation technology and therapies. We are located at 2895 Edinger Avenue, Tustin, CA 92780. We are open from: 8:00 AM to 5:00 PM PST Monday through Friday. Reach out to us at 949-381-5800 for help.

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