Short Course Radiation for Breast Cancer Study

Long-term side effects similarly low for once-weekly and conventional breast radiation therapies, trial finds

ASTRO 2018 Annual Meeting: In a 10-year study of women who received radiation therapy to treat early-stage breast cancer, those receiving fewer, larger individual doses experienced similarly low rates of late-onset side effects as those undergoing conventional radiation therapy. The abstract, FAST phase III RCT of radiation therapy hypofractionation for treatment of early breast cancer: 10-year results (CRUKE/04/015), was presented by lead author Murray Brunt, MD, a professor of clinical oncology at University Hospitals of North Midlands and Keele University in the United Kingdom (UK), and lead author of this study. The trial was designed to assess changes in healthy breast tissue following conventional radiation treatment compared with two shorter regimens that delivered higher doses of radiation in fewer sessions.

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